How one of my students played PERFECT rhythm in just 1 hour!

•March 29, 2009 • 2 Comments

Hey everyone! The other day in a lesson, I accidentally stumbled acrosstwo techniques that helped one of my students to play PERFECT rhythm in just 50 YEARS ONE HOUR.

I call these techniques the “Insanely Fast” technique, and the “Slow now, Lightspeed later” technique, and together they are SOOOOO powerful!

Click play to hear the recording, and let me know what you think! Leave me comments about how they worked for you



The Key to Perfect Chords in 5 Minutes or Less

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Playing perfect chords doesn’t have to be harder than Bruce Lee’s abs 😉

In fact, it can be so easy to make perfect chords, you’ll wonder why you were never able to play them before!

Check out this video on making perfect chords:

What you MUST do before even picking up your guitar!

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Half the battle in learning to play guitar is KEEPING MOTIVATED. For some, this is as natural as breathing. But for others, this is just as hard as learning the actual guitar technique itself.

That’s why goals are such a powerful method of boosting your motivation to practice guitar.

Check out this recording on such a SIMPLE technique which will help you get/stay motivated to practice and become the best guitarist you can!